Monday, March 05, 2007

A Change to Bright Wings...

Hey all...just to inform all you blogwatchers of changes a'comin to this blog site.

I'm trying to maximize my time and energies in study and writing as well as maximize the use of this webspace for things more distinctly edifying and pastoral. Toward this end, Bright Wings will be space devoted to words and thoughts offered up as a pastoral, expository arm of our church, Four Oaks. It will cease to be the pop-cultural, psuedo-political, sometimes occasional biblical and theological ramblings of some guy (not that any of you saw it as such, well some of you did- but all 'blogs' have the potential for this sort of function or at least mis-characterization).

My posts, or posts from other pastors and elders from Four Oaks, will be weekly and more distinctly geared toward biblical exhortation, addressing current (or not-so-current) issues from a pastoral and biblical perspective, and informing our body and any others listening in of things going on or presssing in. I will disable comments so as to keep us from having public disputations that have the potential for controversy or misperception rather than healthy discussion and resolution. I will on occasion solicit questions and comments to be sent personally to me and which may perhaps become the topic of a future blog post.

Hopefully this will make our time together through this blog more fruitful and strengthening...

Soli Deo Gloria!